Whinge Week: Sometimes Life is A Pain in the...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

In waiting until everything that you want to whinge about piles up into one giant heap, you end up with the problem of not knowing what you want to whinge about first. I guess, logically it would make sense to start at the very beginning, but I’m not sure that starting at the very beginning will give the full effect of how whinge worth things have been lately.

If I were to start at the very beginning, I would start by moaning about my job. But before I complain about my job and how I have a workload so big that I would need an army of office-serfs to get it done before Christmas, I’m going to whinge about something that affects each and every other crappy thing that has happened lately.

Some time during the last two weeks, I did something strenuous. I know that’s kind of vague, but I can’t recall what exactly I might have done that was strenuous, I only know that one morning, I woke up with a slightly painful twinge in my lower back. I put it down to sleeping in an odd position and tried to ignore it.

The universe, of course, decided that since I was ignoring that twinge, it would ramp things up a little to get my attention. When I woke up the next morning, the twinge had become a sharp stabbing. I got up out of bed so that I could stretch it out. Faster than I could stand up, I found myself on the floor writhing in back spasm-ing agony.

‘Fear not!’ I told myself once the pain had eased a little.’ Your sister is a physiotherapist! You’ll be fine!’. And as a good sister does, she immediately came to my house to work her magic. Half an hour of painful poking and prodding later, my lower back was taped up and I had an ice pack in hand and a belly full of Nurofen. As I headed to bed that night I felt relaxed and I was convinced that by the next day, I would be fine.

I’ve always wondered why people with back pain make out like they’re the most hard-done-by people in the world. Now I have a fair understanding. When I woke the next morning, the pain was excruciating once again, and it stayed that way for quite a while.

For the following week, my back was a constant source of pain. It was fine provided I didn’t try to do silly things like bend, stretch or move in any way; but you really don’t realise how much bending your spine does until it doesn’t want to do it anymore. Even something as simple as coughing becomes a giant pain the...well, in the back.

Now, there is a reason that my stupid back has been my first post during whinge week. This little tale of my back pain woes is something to keep in mind during the rest of whinge week. Because every single crap thing that has happened, every annoying person or irritating moment that I have come across recently – all have been accompanied by a sometimes stabbing, sometimes aching, always agonizing back pain. And when people and things suck, a pain in your back makes it all suck even more.

So to excruciating back pain caused by a mysterious strenuous activity, I say this:
You SUCK, back pain. You suck.


Tyge said...

I understand our different spelling of words, but how the letter "g" got in the word "whine" I just can't comprehend. It sounds like a product that's on late night TV commercials... "Buy two 'whinges' and get one free!" I picture the item as a sponge, but with more super-absorbent qualities because it has wings and can fly.

But yes, I agree that back pain is no "funge".

Marknine said...

Whinge is a word we use in Ireland as well and also the UK. It means to complain in an annoying way. Sorry torry girl, I don't mean that you are annoying. We all need to whinge, some times. My own blog is a testament to that. LOL. As for your sore back, I'm sorry to hear that. My grandfather, when he was alive, would take a hot whiskey before going to bed, and this was a cure for everything from back acke to the common cold. Mind you, you need to use a good Irish whiskey for that to work. LOL

Marknine said...

Incase you dont know (sorry) hot whiskey is made with hot water (like if making a cup of tea) in a glass with a few cloves, spoon of sugar and a wee sup of Irish whiskey. You can also put a slice of lemon in it as well.

torrygirl said...

See Tyge, you think it's just weird spelling, but it's really a totally different word. Whining is a long, high-pitched complaining sound, where as whinging is complaining persistently and in a peevish or irritating way. And since I can't whine in a written medium, I have to resort to whinging. Ok? Er, I mean okay? :P

Marknine - I like the sounds of hot whiskey. It sounds like something I could drink at work while claiming that it's herbal tea. And if I were to increase the quantity of whiskey in it, it might help me forget other ailments too - like annoying co-workers!

Marknine said...

Annoying worker's? I can be annoying. Give me a job LOL

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