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Thursday, August 09, 2012

I've written a whole thing about a weird conversation I had with the guys at work recently; but before I post it here, I thought I'd do a little internet study type thing to see if this was just an isolated peculiar conversation, or if the estimations expressed in the conversation are in fact universally held.

So here goes:

Is there a specific scent (of the perfume variety) that one would associate with a stripper?

I'm interested to hear some replies on this before I go ahead and post about my conversation.
Don't be embarrassed to know the answer to this (if there is, in fact, an answer). There are worse things in the world than having sniffed a stripper. But if you are, feel free to post your response in the comments anonymously. Comments beginning with 'A friend of mine told me strippers smell like..." are also welcome.


Marknine said...

If I was given 100 years and spent all that time thinking of questions, I don’t think I would ever have thought of that one.
The only experience I have is with paint stripper that has a kind of chemical nail varnish remover smell. But I would imagine strippers would smell like COCA BUTTER AND SUNSCREEN.
Do I win a prize if I get it correct? LOL
I have to say I really like your blog and have been following it for a while now. I really can’t say how I came across it, but I think have been to do with the 1940s/50s style photos that you use.
I have my own blog DoleDayBlues, that I kind of fumble with, but it is not a patch on your blog.
Keep up the good work.

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