The Uncommon Cold

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I think I've managed to invent a new kind of disease. It's like the common cold, only rarer - so let's call it the uncommon cold. Its main symptom is that you're freezing cold ALL THE TIME. Either that or else my constant coldness could be related to the fact that my central heating is broken, and has been for a couple of weeks now.

The heater guys are coming to replace the unit this morning which is good because it's 12°C in my house this morning and that's just a little bit cold for my liking. It's not the greatest living temperature when you have a bad cold either. My illness of last week has gotten better only for me to get even sicker this week with the good old winter bug that's doing the rounds.

I'm taking so many different drugs to fight it off that it's a wonder I'm actually able to function. I've had to work two very long days this week without even a lunch break to get a very important presentation finished and as a result, today I've just fallen into a heap after getting out of bed. So it's pretty lucky that i had to stay home anyway for the heater to be fixed. 

I'm hoping the heater wont take long to fix, so that my cold will disappear and my brain will begin to function properly again. Then i wont do stupid things any more, like i did last night.

After a very long day, i was sitting on the couch trying to find something to do. Following who knows what train of thought, I found myself assessing the need for shaving my legs. Do i leave them unshaven in order to preserve some warmth, as the growth of hair on our legs was presumably intended to do, or do i shave them anyway? After a handful of various pills to try and make myself feel better, i decided that shaving them was the best idea. I guess i decided on beauty over comfort, or something equally as shallow.

I can now tell you that one thing you should never do when you're zoned out on cold medicine is shave your legs. I'm not talking about cutting yourself, which I've never been able to work out how people manage to do. I refer instead to the fact that in a spaced-out frame of mind, it's easy to forget that when shaving your legs, you need to do both the front AND the back.

At least the back of my body is warm this morning.


Tyge said...

Maybe you're have a subconciously triggered reaction due to the impending outcome of a few online scrabble games?

torrygirl said...

Damn, you've caught me out - it's not a cold, it's actually fearoflosingscrabbleophobia.

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