Three is my lucky number! (I Hope)

Monday, December 13, 2010

I woke up this morning, dragged myself out of bed and into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror to find my face covered in blood. After a momentary freak out, I realised it was just a bloody nose. Bad start to the day, especially since I haven’t had a blood nose since I was about 4.

Fun start to the day # 1 – Cleaning up blood.

After I cleaned myself up, I headed into the kitchen to make a coffee - and stood straight into a giant puddle of water. The bench- top water cooler had been dripping all night and emptied its entire 8 litre contents onto the kitchen bench and floor.

Fun start to the day # 2 – Cleaning up water.

I headed off to work, and first thing I started to prepare a package of info for some installers. It had details on flights and cars that I had booked for them for an upcoming trip to Perth. As I was putting the pages together, I noticed that the flights were booked for the 20th of December and the car for the 21st. No problem - it’s easy to change a car booking. Only it wasn’t the car booking that was wrong, it was the flight booking. Thanks to my typo, it cost $180 to change the flights to the right day.

Fun start to the day # 3 – Cleaning up work mess.

I’m hoping that bad things only come in threes, and that’s the end to the weird bad luck my day has started off with. I’m not sure it will work that way though because while typing this I reached across the desk and managed to accidentally stick my thumb into my piping hot cup of coffee. Maybe I’m better off hoping that the day just goes more quickly.


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