Spice Rack

Sunday, March 20, 2011

KJ has always wanted to learn how to make furniture the old fashioned way – i.e. sans-power tools.

Despite the fact that I think this is totally crazy because power tools were clearly invented for a reason, I’ve encouraged him in his endeavours to find a class somewhere and learn how to do it. So far, he hasn’t had any luck, but we keep an eye out just in case.

Sometimes, when we’re on Christmas holidays and he’s short on things to do, he gets a hankering to build something. Every time this happens, I suggest that he builds me a spice rack. And every time, he gets annoyed and tells me that just because he doesn’t really know what he’s doing doesn’t mean I can treat him like a child by suggesting that he build a spice rack.

The thing is – I really do need a spice rack - quite badly, in fact. I cook a lot, so I have a whole lot of spice jars and they’re cluttering up my pantry in a way that is driving me insane. But whenever I try to explain this to KJ, he doesn’t believe me. Spice racks are the easy, first build thing that you ask of kids in their first year of high school – so he gets annoyed and tells me not to treat him like a child.

So the dilemma here is – do I just go and buy a spice rack and risk him getting annoyed because he could have made one himself? Or do I continue to ask him to make one in the hopes that it will lead to the manufacture of a spice rack and not a divorce?


Carrie said...

If it was me, I'd tell him that I was going to the store to buy a spice rack unless he wanted to build me one. Not an ultimatum or anything like that, just a simple "do you or don't you want to build a spice rack?" I'd do it at a time when we had not been talking about him building anything. Maybe that would work?

Tyge said...

Ditto to what Carrie said, although there's some really kick-ass molded plastic, turn-stile, measuring enabled, auto self-dispensing spice racks currently available on the market.

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