VINDICATED! (and a bit about multi-tasking)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

VINDICATED! That's how I feel!
I struggled to define it in my last post, because it's not a feeling that you get to experience all that often, but with the demise of a company that treated me so badly, I finally feel vindicated. Now I may move on with my life.

And that leaves me to go back to trying to answer the really big, important questions in life - Like why is it that men can't multi-task?

At work, I can hold a conversation, design a playground and work out mathematical sums in my head all at the same time. But with KJ, when presented with the simple task of having a conversation while also working on his PC, he comes completely undone.It's like every sense or ability in the male mind is inexorably linked to one another, rendering every man incapable of doing more than one thing at a time.

I also blame this inability to multi task for a lot of other odd male behavior - like the inability to find things that are right in front of their faces. How can you properly look for something that is missing if you are otherwise occupied whinging about not being able to find it? That's multi-tasking! How can you look at your PC screen and listen to someone talking to you all at once?! Madness!

I once had a male friend listen in on a conversation I was having with a girlfriend, and he interrupted us halfway through and said "Hey, do you realize that you're both talking at the same time?"
I didn't understand what he was talking about then, but it struck me later that the ability to talk and listen at the same time is a strictly female trait. It's a necessary skill that we have been given, which allows us pre-childbirth to ring up a friend and chat while ordering clothes online and making a cup of coffee. Post-childbirth, it's a necessary skill that allows women to raise children successfully, while men go to work and make sales calls and use their PC or lift heavy things - but not all at the same time.

For me specifically, it's a handy skill that I use to great effect to work, play scrabble, blog, drink coffee, bank cheques and order things onnline all in the course of a regular working day. Right now, in fact, i'm using this skill to blog, play scrabble, watch TV and drink beer while contemplating what to cook for dinner all at the same time.

I wouldn't trade this skill for anything in the world, and if I ever met a man who could multi-task, I think i would feel obliged to marry him on the spot. But realistically I might as well say that if I met God I would marry him on the spot, because the likelihood of either scenario happening is around about the same.


suryaworld said...

nice blog

Tyge said...

I've had a few drinks tonight, but just want to say I can pat my head and rub my stomach... at the same time. I think that should be considered as multi-tasking. Yes?

torrygirl said...

In that case, consider yourself an exception to the rule!

I'll have to take a raincheck on the immediate marrying for now though, because polyandry is illegal in Australia.

Tyge said...

That's okay! Here in the U.S. it's called Polygamy! Totally legal in neighboring Utah!

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