Back to Work

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

After three weeks off at home followed by a week in Tasmania, I'm finally back at work. Once again I’m surrounded by all my familiar and loveable distractions like the internet, scrabble and online chat - and all is right in the world.

Travel is not something that I'm very good at. The nature of it doesn't suit me. The early starts, the unfamiliar beds and the constant car travel just aren’t for me. For me, travel would be ideal if only I could spend the night in my own bed; spend the day seeing the sights and then at the end of it all, head back home and curl up in my comfy king size bed with a cup of tea and a book. (What’s that you say? Am I 68? No, I’m a young person, I swear!)

It took me the entire first three days of the trip to adjust to walking non-stop all day, having dinner at 6:30, sleeping in a tiny bed then getting up at 8am for breakfast and starting the entire routine all over again. My poor fitness (of which I always brag) hit me hard on this trip. I remembered almost immediately why my holidays usually consist of sitting on my bum doing as little as possible. Sight-seeing is hard work!

Despite my low levels of energy, I couldn’t help but get sucked into tourist mode – Tasmania is absolutely beautiful. Trying to describe it is pointless, since a written description of a place is still just a bunch of words; so instead, here are a few shots I took on the trip - I'll post some more once I've finished sifting through the 1500-odd photos I ended up taking! So far I've only made it through to day three of our seven day trip.

A place in Oatlands

On a property in Hamilton

The Harbour in Hobart

The view from our second night's accommodation

Fish & Chips for lunch at the waterfront in Hobart

Callington Mill, Oatlands

My only true disappointment with the trip was that when we made it to Port Arthur, it rained so heavily that our visit to the ruins had to be cut short. And despite the fact that I’d left us another whole day to go back, it rained so heavily that we didn’t even try to get out of the car the second day.

The good thing about the rain is that it means I have an excuse to go back!


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