Random Encounter, Confusing Question

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our first day in Tasmania, we were sitting in a McDonald’s store having a coffee after finishing up the one little part of work that we had to do on our trip.

A harassed looking man stopped next to our table, talking tensely into his mobile phone.

“I don’t know! I have no idea, mate!” He exclaimed down the line. “Hang on a sec...” And he turned to speak to us.
“Hey, do you know where Macca’s is?”
 “Sorry?” I asked, confused a little by the question.
“Do you know where McDonald’s is?”
“Um, this is McDonald’s; you’re standing in it...” I told him, thinking that it seemed like much too easy a question.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah; But where is it?” He asked again, as though putting the emphasis on a different word would make all the difference.
“Ermm....I have no idea?” I told him unsurely, still with no idea what exactly he was looking for.

And with a shrug of his shoulders, he turned back to his mobile phonecall and trotted off out the door to try to find someone else to answer his question.


Tyge said...

What's more odd than the man's question, is why you were in a McDonald's while on vacation.

Tyge said...

I meant to put a smiley face after that comment.

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