Four Reasons to Disregard the Advice in my Last Post

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Reason one: Once good and liquored up, you may have a drunken phone conversation with your mother-in-law in which you agree to get up obscenely early and drive her into the City. You may not remember the next day whether you sounded drunk or not, but will suspect that you did.

Reason two: On waking up obscenely early, you may find that it has rained so heavily overnight that there is a river running down your street and your garage is flooded, requiring you to schlep around in the mud (with a hangover) trying to redirect the water flow so that it doesn't get into the main part of the house.

Reason three: Did I mention the part about it being obscenely early?

Reason four: When you wake up at stupid o'clock you may have a raging hangover and find that you're alone and there is no one there to make you coffee, bring you Aspirin, or take care of Reasons One to Three for you.


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