Monday, February 28, 2011

People who blog are usually talking about one of three things; the events of their day to day lives, things they like, or things they don’t like.

I think I’m sort of somewhere in the middle of the three. I try not to write too much about things I don’t like, because it seems pointless and annoying to fill up the virtual world with whinging about crap traffic or something the PM said or how annoying it is that there are an uneven number of steps leading from my driveway to my front door.

So I try to write mostly about my day to day life and about things I like. The problem for me at the moment is that my day to day life is really very dull. I’m busy every day for 8 to 10 hours with work, then I go home, do mundane things like tidy the house or cook dinner, and then I sleep. The highlight of my day is the odd game of online scrabble, or a quick email with a friend. Maybe mixing it up a bit by reading a few chapters of my book before I fall asleep.

These are not things worth writing about.

So now I must endeavour to find something in these mundane happenings to write about so that my brain won’t turn to slop. I’ve set myself the task of coming up with something by Friday at the very latest. I have a quiet work week ahead (finally), so I’ll schedule in a bit of brainstorming, and I’ll be back soon with something more interesting to talk about than the new tree that my neighbour planted last week or how I read two chapters instead of three in my book last night. I hope.

Suggestions welcome.


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