Celebrity-Free Election

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I despise politics with such intense passion that I've completely blocked all knowledge of it from my brain - even the most basic things that you learn in primary school. Left Wing? Pretty sure it's the one on a bird opposite the right wing. Caucus? Is that some kind of exotic fruit? Bicameral? That's an animal with two humps, right?

What I can say though, is that I feel a little upset that in the upcoming election, there isn’t a single celebrity candidate for the new head of the country.

In the USA, people like Arnie, Gary Coleman and Clint Eastwood have all delved into the world of politics, and I think that it helps to spice things up for people like me, who find politics incredibly dull and could use something to make it all a little more interesting.

The closest thing we have here is Peter Garrett, front man for Midnight Oil, and even that’s not quite as big a leap as having someone like Arnie step up because Peter Garrett is the Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts, which, if you’ve ever listened to a Midnight Oil song, isn’t that big of a leap.

So instead, this Saturday I’ll be handing down to the local primary school to vote in the federal election to choose between our first female prime minister, Julia Gillard, who proved herself to be a true woman with a bit of bitchy back-stabbing of K-Rudd, or Tony Abbott, a man who willing appeared in public wearing budgie smugglers.

Would you want this man running your country?

Where are the celebrity candidates when you need them?


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