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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Technology, specifically the internet, has made the world a much smaller place. It's not uncommon for people on opposite sides of the world to chat regularly, and romances spanning tens of thousands of miles are no longer a rare occurrence. Video web chat means that you can now look someone in another continent in the eye when you speak to them. The internet has created a virtual world which is practically borderless. I adore this virtual internet world that lets me buy foreign products, avoid supermarket chaos and indulge my scrabble obsession with other people the world over.

So why the hell is it that when I find something online that I really want, I can't bridge a mere 13,000kms to the USA to get it!? Outrageous!

I want these:

they’re cut out for action

But there isn't a single place in Australia that has them, or a single place in the USA that will ship the stupid things to me. Damn you international postage and you internet retailers too lazy to use it!

I feel a little let down. This tiny little world has suddenly become very vast and isolated. And it’s not just the cookie cutters that I have been denied by my beloved internet.

For the last month I’ve been counting down the days until the release of a new album by a band I like. August 16th arrived, and it was with immense excitement that I logged into iTunes and typed the name of the band into the search box.

Nothing. No new album. Confused, I went to the band’s website – yep, new album released today. I clicked through to iTunes to buy it and what did I get?! An arrogant little popup that told me I can’t buy the album because I don’t live in the UK!


What happened to the amazing, practically borderless virtual world that I have come to love so much? You’ve let me down, internet. I’m so disappointed. I thought you were cool, but you’re not – you’re just telling people what they want to hear so they’ll like you, and now you’ve been caught out in your lies. I love you a little less today because of it.

And don’t point out the irony of me writing about my disappointment with you on my Weblog, because no one likes a smart arse.


Carrie said...

I'll get them for you. Can you order them and have them shipped to me? Either that or I can order them and you can paypal me the money.

Assuming you would trust me, of course!

torrygirl said...

Thanks Carrie, that's really generous of you! I don't think they're available until September-ish, but once they are I might email you and see if we can arrange something.

Thanks again!

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