Drinks, Reindeer and Armpits with a Friend

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On Saturday night I had dinner with my best friend who has been overseas for the last couple of months. Whenever she's been away, we have a huge catch up session over dinner and drinks, which usually results in us having to go out for another catch up because we can't really remember the first one.

We threw around a few ideas on where we could go for the night, and one suggestion was the local pub. I've lived in my house for over 4 years now, and in all if that time I've never managed to muster up the motivation to walk to my local, which is basically at the end of my street. This is mostly because my street is super steep, so it's an uphill walk and it's a well established fact that I'm too lazy for that sort of thing.

I checked out the distance from my house to the pub on google maps, and I realised that it's actually less than 500m. That means that I live closer to a bar than my best friend, who lives smack bang in the middle of Melbourne city centre. Provided you don't count strip clubs as bars, that is.

Given the proximity, we decided that it was our best option for a big catch up night. I searched deep down inside of me and mustered up some tiny dredges of motivation and we set off. I think knowing that my reward for the walk would be an ice cold beer probably helped.

It turns out that the pub is kind of a cool place. It's an old building built some time in the late 1800's, and the walls are covered in memorabilia and random junk, with things like old gas masks, statues and even an old prosthetic limb suspended from the ceiling. In the bar area, there is a big flat screen TV (showing the footy, of course), and right next to it was a mounted reindeer head which later in the night I became convinced was staring at me. In the bistro area a band was playing old rock songs, and just as I'd hoped the beer really was ice cold. So we found a seat, got settled in and started to catch up on eight weeks worth of gossip.

Several beers into the night, we found ourselves discussing realtionships, and in particular the huge amount of effort that goes into keeping a woman looking attractive.
I pointed out that once a woman is in a relationship, there comes a certain point where the regular routine maintenance starts to slide, and she can find herself letting things like shaving her legs go a lot longer than she would ever have when she was single. This, we decided, was probably at about the same time as you're able to safely change your facebook status to show that you're 'in a relationship' with someone without looking too over eager (or nerdy).

We decided that maybe the 'is in a relationship' status would be more appropriate if they changed it to 'has stopped shaving her armpits.'  We thought this was such a good idea that we declared that we would draft an email to the Facebook site designer first thing Sunday morning and demand that they change it immediately.

Needless to say, that email remains (thankfully) unwritten.


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