Lessons Learnt

Monday, August 02, 2010

I had a weekend filled with lots of random although largely uninteresting events. While none of them really rate an entire blog post, I found that I did learn a few things over the course of the weekend that might be worth noting:

  • Don’t have a bunch of beers and then attempt to play Scrabble. It’s hard.

  • Real life pirates don’t wear eye patches, have wooden legs, make people walk the plank, or have talking parrots sitting on their shoulders. Very disappointing.

  • Seeing a friend heading off to a war zone is both sad and worrying, even if you know that they’re pretty much guaranteed to be ok.

  • I still hate doing housework.

  • I’ve missed my best friend more than I realised. She’s been travelling overseas for 2 months and just got back this week. It was very good to see her again.

  • The amount of products that a person can buy when having a baby is both staggering and completely unnecessary. Some of the things that you can buy are just crazy. Also baby stuff still freaks me out.

  • Caffeine is my friend.

  • It's almost but not quite possible to submerge an entire car in a large puddle.

But aside from learning those few things, it was an otherwise dull weekend.


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