Photo5 Finals

Thursday, November 04, 2010

So today the finalists were announced for the Canon Photo5 competition and....

I didn’t make it. I must admit that I’m a little disappointed. I felt certain that this little beauty was going to make the cut:

It's a fish! Swimming in a droplet!

But then I’m sure everyone else felt certain that their photos would make it too. There are quite a few good entries, so I’m not too disappointed, although I do think that the finalists for the incense brief are really average, especially considering some of the entries that were passed over for the finalists.

I’m pretty happy with the photos I took though, and it gave me an opportunity to take some photos that I otherwise would never have attempted. There should be more photography competitions like this one.I guess I'll just have to have another go at it next year!


Tyge said...

I'm sorry the photo didn't win. It should have. You need to submit it to other online photo competitions, before waiting another year!

torrygirl said...

Thanks Tyge. I got a heap of really positive feedback about the photo, so that's enough for me I think.

Next year i'll just have to try to give myself more time to come up with ideas!

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