Friday, November 12, 2010

On Saturday I’m going to a gig at the Hi-Fi and I’m pretty damn excited about it! I don’t go to a lot of shows – mostly because I’m trying to save my money to get rid of the hideous 70’s brown shag carpet in my house, but also, you know, coz I’m old and boring.

I’m going to see The New Pornographers, a band that I discovered while reading The Neon Lounge.

Despite the fact that I couldn’t find anyone who knew any of their songs all that well, my best friend agreed to come with me, because she’s almost as desperate as I am for something interesting to do.

The beauty of convincing her to come with me is the wonderful convenience of her apartment being within staggering distance of the venue. So it promises to be a good weekend. If only I didn’t have to spend Saturday cleaning out the garage, it would be perfect!

This is one of my favourites off The New Pornographers’ latest album ‘Together’.


Tyge said...

I love that song. I envy you for getting to go to the show. I'm glad I played a small part in your discovery of the band. Enjoy the show. I'm also incredibly jealous. Tell Neko hello, if you get the chance!

Tyge said...

I just looked at HiFi's PDF file (it has a few photos) of their venue. It's small! You need to get there early, and get right up at the front of the stage! Did I mention I'm jealous?

Tyge said...

Take pictures, if you can.

torrygirl said...

So what I'm getting from your comments is that you're ever so slightly jealous maybe?

I'll try to let them know that they need to come to Vegas so you can see them too. :P

Tyge said...

I think it's almost showtime there. You're probably primping yourself. I really, really hope it's a great show, I'm sure it will be. I'm listening to TNP right now, just because. Also, keep in mind TNP was just in Vegas last month, but it was part of a festival, that cost $250.00 per ticket... so Neko might tell you, "But we were just in Las Vegas!" To which you can reply, "but you didn't meet Tyge!"

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