Friday Night Failure

Sunday, July 11, 2010

On Friday night, KJ and I headed into the city for some farewell drinks for his sister, who is heading overseas to travel for a year or so.

I spent a bit of time after work washing and straightening my hair in preparation for the evening, because I figured this was the perfect time to test out the effectiveness of my new shampoo and the alluring quality it promised to give my hair.

It might have been the beers I had while getting ready, but to me my hair seemed extra-pleasantly shiny, so I headed off without any doubt in my mind that in a bar full of people, someone would be drawn to my my alluringly shiny locks.

When we got into the city, we wandered up and down the street trying to find the bar, and eventually found a door that we thought might be the right one, so we headed in. We walked up a couple of flights of stairs into a massive throng of people. It was shoulder to shoulder and we shuffled our way through the room, trying to find the right group. After a little while, I started to notice that people were looking at me, and so obviously I thought to myself "wow! This shampoo really did work!!"
Then I noticed that something didn't seem quite right about the way they were looking at me. It was more of a confused look than an allured look. In fact, they weren't looking allured at all.

It was then that I noticed a big sign on the wall announcing that Friday nights are 'Asian Night'. I looked again and yep, sure enough we were the only non-Asians in the entire bar. Strange looks explained.

Clearly, we were not in the right place. We headed out of there and into the bar next door, which thankfully was the right one.

Sadly, it was one of those pretentious arts student bars, where the beer is all imported and you get thrown out for even suggesting that you might want to drink something as bogan as good old Aussie Carlton Drought. They had no beer on tap, i assume because the place was on the second level directly above the first bar we had wandered into. In a place like that, your choice of beer says everything about you, so rather than risk handicapping my hair by drinking something that might put people off, I went with wine. Wine also seemed much more feminine, and I wanted to give my hair a real fighting chance, so I thought it was best to appear as girly as possible.

An hour and a half I stood next to that stinking bar with my supposedly alluring hair and not a single one of those goateed, too small shirt wearing, book bag toting guys did so much as smile in my hair's direction! Damn you Schwarzkopf, you have a lot to answer for! And to make matters worse, despite paying as much for my wine as I did when I went out for dinner a couple of weeks ago, it was cheap, crap wine and I woke up the next day with a massive headache.

My hair still looked pretty good though.


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