Random Sydney Thing #1 - Strange People

Thursday, July 29, 2010

On Saturday night, we had dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. During dinner, a group of people entered the restaurant – two couples.

The first couple had a kid of ‘alternative’ look about them – the guy had long dreadlocks and wore a waistcoat and fedora. The girl had dead-straight jet black hair with a super-straight fringe and her lips were coloured fluorescent pink.

The second couple looked like the stars of a trashy Hollywood reality show, but sounded like the stars of a trashy Australian movie. The guy wore a white t-shirt and oversized cargo shorts. Tattoos peeked out at the sleeves and at the collar, where the thickest gold chain I have ever seen in my life hung - almost an inch thick. His head was shaved close and he spoke loudly, calling everyone ‘Love’ and ‘Darl’.

The woman was short and pointed looking, with long dark hair. She wore a hot pink velour tracksuit – but you couldn’t call her under dressed, because of the enormous quantity of diamond jewellery that she wore.

They sat at the back of the restaurant, talking loudly and laughing a lot, requesting things that weren’t on the menu and knocking back copious bottles of expensive wine as though they were cheap beer. At the end of a three course meal, the trashy guy paid the bill from a gigantic wad of $50 bills that he then stuffed back into the pocket of his shorts.

Thinking back on it now, I feel as though I imagined them, because you just don't see people like that in real life.


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