D is for Directions

Saturday, June 05, 2010

This is a little one – just a titbit of information about me. I fall into what I guess is the stereotype of the female in that I am appallingly bad at directions. I don’t know the names of any roads; I have no idea where any of them lie in relation to one another and I have to turn a map around to read it properly.
KJ, on the other hand, travels a lot for work and knows just about everything there is about getting around Melbourne. He always knows more about direction related things than I do.

The only noticeable exception to this was one day when we were discussing Punt Rd. I pointed out that Hoddle St becomes Punt Rd just after you cross over Bridge Rd. He was adamant that it wasn’t until after Swan St. As we were travelling down Hoddle St at the time, I waited until we reached Bridge Rd and pointed out the signs.

‘Wow’, he said, ‘you’re right! That’s a first for you!’
‘Thank you.’ I replied smugly ‘We will always remember this day as the day I knew more about directions than you. We shall call it the Punt St incident.’

At this point he started pissing himself laughing at me. ‘Um, actually, I think you mean Punt Road!’

Now whenever we refer to my uselessness at directions, KJ reminds me of the ‘Punt St Incident’.

This entry is part of my ‘A-Z of Me’ Series. 26 Days of alphabetically ordered random crap about me and my life. You can read the rest here.


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