E is for Eating

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Just a note: for some reason this didn't post yesterday after I hit the publish button. I found it this morning in my drafts.  Oh well, either way, I wrote it yesterday and that's what it's all about anyway.

I’m sure I’ve thoroughly covered this subject on my blog before, but in the spirit of being able to write every day, and given the fact that I am spending today on a 3 hour road trip that was devised for the simple purpose of going to eat Chicken Parma, it seemed appropriate.

I love to eat. Food makes me happy. There is very little that I won’t eat, and not a lot that I won’t try at least once. I have a particular soft spot for Indian food, but my absolute favourites are all comfort foods, like Chicken Parma. In fact, I would never eat a cold meal if given the option between that and a hot meal – regardless of the temperature of the day or the time of the year. I love stews and risottos even in the middle of summer. I adore soup – particularly anything that is super thick, like pumpkin, or Potato & Leek. I eat a lot of casseroles and curries, year round.

I even prefer my snack foods to be hot. I would rather eat hot chips that potato crisps and drink a hot cup of tea than a soft-drink.

There is just no comparison for the warmth and comfort of good, hot food. If I had a different metabolism, I would probably morbidly obese. I would love to be a food critic, and just eat and eat until I eventually exploded, Mr. Creosote style (minus the vomiting, of course.)

Sadly, I’m not a food critic. Instead I have to settle for travelling to places that make great comfort food, and that’s why tomorrow we’re heading back to Alexandra for more awesome Parma. We organised for a group of about 30 of us to head up there this time so we could make a big event out of it, but as of 10 minutes ago, that 30 was down to 20, which is kind of disappointing. I'm blaming the crappy weather for all of the people who pulled out - It's raining pretty heavily. I could use some comfort food to cheer me up. Parma, perhaps?

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