Z is for Zenith

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Zenith - as in, I have reached the Zenith of my A to Z of me!

Although I never really doubted my ability to write every day, I seriously doubted my ability to write something coherent and worth reading for 26 straight days. But I think I've succeeded fairly well - there's very little that I would change. And I think it's helped me get into the habit of writing again, and out of a kind of blogging rut that I had slipped into. I've even found myself with a bit of a back log of things that I want to write about - so I guess it's been a pretty worthwhile exercise.

So after 26 days of exploring random crap about myself, what have we learnt about me?

We've learnt that I’m an:
Animal man-slaughtering,
Ballroom dancing,
Catchable with bad accent,
Direction impaired,
Eating obsessed,
Freaky Sistered,
Grandad Remembering
Inside of handbag sharing,
Joke telling,
KJ head matching,
Long term goal setting,
Mexican food making,
Nanna Loving,
Odd event experiencing,
Photography fanatical,
Queer dating,
Random fact sharing,
Scrabble obsessive,
Talking challenged,
Use-By Date ignoring,
Vehicle adoring,
Yearlong remembering Blogger,
at the Zenith of a 26 day challenge.

I think that's a lot to share in 26 days. So now, if you'll excuse me, I think I might take a well deserved day off from Blogging!

This entry is the final part of my ‘A-Z of Me’ Series. 26 Days of alphabetically ordered random crap about me and my life. You can read the rest here.


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