O is for Odd

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recently I remembered a really random thing that happened to me one night which I thought might warrant a blog entry. Since it was so strange and completely random, I thought O for Odd seemed to fit.

A couple of years ago, we used to spend our Saturday nights at a pub in the city. It was a reasonably quiet-ish sort of place most of the time as far as city pubs go, but it was on a road that is basically just bars and pubs from one end to the other, so you got a pretty big turnover of people coming through during the night.

A friend of mine had twin sisters who played in a band there, which is how we ended up going along. The twin sisters were both lesbians - which sounds like something out of a porno, but they weren’t blonde, big-breasted, frisky or slutty, which I think are porno lesbian standard requirements. They were pretty much almost the entire opposite of that, aside from the big breasts – well, they had big everything, to be honest. The lead singer was also a lesbian and looked a lot like Alanis Morissette but with straighter hair and minus the long face. She was dating one of the twins.

This particular night had been a big one. It was probably about 1am and we’d been there since about 8, so we were pretty thoroughly liquored up. Most of the group were lounging around looking drunk and melancholy. We were into the ‘I love you man...’ stage of the night.
My best friend and I were still feeling pretty good, and because everyone else was too drunk to carry on, we were left to dance together. We were using our best moves, spinning each other around and I guess we were touching more and a dancing a lot closer because of the state we were in.

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to find myself face to face with a man dressed head to toe in a full bunny suit – ears, fluffy tail, pink belly and all.

“Hi!” said the Bunny man. “You guys should kiss. That would be hot.”
“Errrrm, no, I don’t think we will thanks.” I told him.
“You’re sure?” he asked
“Yeah, thanks.”
“Oh well.” He said and shrugged, looking a little dejected. Then he hopped away and out the door, where three other bunnies were waiting. They all hopped off down the street.

Very odd.

He looked pretty disappointed – if only he had known that not five metres from where we were dancing, there were two girls who would have been more than willing to kiss, as well as lesbian twins.

What am I trying to say here? Actually, I’m not really sure. I guess maybe it’s that sometimes the distance between fantasy and reality is closer than people realise.


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