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Saturday, June 12, 2010

I try not to write about KJ too much if I can help it - it seems a bit unfair to write things about him that he won't read, but I can't write an A-Z of Me without including a little something about him, so this is is a story about how someone out there knew from the very beginning that we would end up together for a long time.

KJ and I had only been dating for a little while - a couple of months at the most. I think it seemed like a bit longer because we had known each other distantly for years. It was a saturday night and a group of us were at the local pub. It was Melbourne Cup weekend, so the big screen TV was playing the horse races, and as the night wore on the place slowly began to fill with people returning from a day at the races - dressed in their best and so drunk they could barely stand up.

One such guy, a regular at the pub named Shannon, was sitting slumped in his chair looking like he was ready for the trusty old pass-out, puke, pass-out cycle that follows the races for so many people, when a Cup Race replay came onto the TV.

Suddenly, he jumped up and he was wide awake. 'I won money on this race!' he shouted, and began to call the race over the top of the TV announcer. In his enthusiasm, he leapt onto his seat and began slapping his thigh as the horses ran. His voice reached fever pitch as he relived his glorious money winning moment in detail while the rest of us looked on in amusement.

When the race came to an end he jumped back down off his seat, pumping his fist and yelling 'Yesssss! Best race ever!'.

We all laughed, which caught his attention. He sauntered over, having found his second wind, and began blinking at us drunkenly. 'Evening all' he said, and proceeded to shake everyone's hands. When he got to me very last he stopped, still holding onto my hand. He looked at me with surprising clarity for a man in his state, then over at KJ, who was sitting 3 seats away from me. He pointed back and forth between us. 'You's two, you's are gunna get married.' he informed us.
'Oh yeah?' I asked, 'What makes you say that?'
'Easy,' he said 'your heads match'. And with that he let go of my hand and wandered back to his seat.

And that was that. KJ told that story at our wedding, and as he so lovingly put it - what else could you do but take the advice of a drunken stranger and spend the rest of your lives together!

This entry is part of my ‘A-Z of Me’ Series. 26 Days of alphabetically ordered random crap about me and my life. You can read the rest here.


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